My dog is a very active and sociable 5 year old Singapore special. He loves going to “school” as I call it and importantly, he comes home exhausted and happy so I know that he has had a great day.

I have been using the services of Happy Paw Ark. Most of my experiences have been with Jerald and Pat, both of whom I feel very comfortable leaving my dog in the capable hands of. Jerald in particular has been very attentive to my dog’s needs and he very patiently showers him after a morning or afternoon spent rolling around in the mud (my dog, not Jerald!). Quite often I also receive photo or video updates from Jerald during the day and that makes me comfortable knowing that he is safe and well and enjoying himself. Nothing is too much trouble for Jerald and on occasion he even brings my dog into my home and gets him settled for me if I cannot be at home. Jerald consistently goes above and beyond for my dog and I and he is a key part of our week. And when I am away the webcams are an invaluable way for me to check in on my dog.