This is the first time we engage a dog trainer for my 2 year old Japanese Spitz. My wife and I would like to thank Pathma for her dedication and care for our dog. Our Ahavah used to bark and run towards the front door when someone walks past our apartment. She also had awkward social skill with dogs. Although Ahavah was able to sniff smaller or similar-sized dogs while on walks. For larger dogs, she would usually sniff and bark at them. If the smaller dog was very active or playful, Ahavah could not tolerate that and bark at the smaller dog as well. She was also very tense when in a dog park. She preferred to stick to us than play with other dogs.

After the training, Ahavah is able to destress herself and socialise with calmer dogs. She is able to accept stranger’s pat and touch much better. She is now more confident and calm with bigger dogs. She does not bark anymore and begin to make friends with other dogs in the dog park. We would like to thank Pathma and the team for their best care and good training during these 2 weeks. Ahavah had a memorable time at Happy Paw Ark making many new friends and outdoor adventures.